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Why should a piece of art be put in an NFT?
How can a community benefit from this?

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How can NFTs increase the attractiveness of your brand?
Why would a member want to acquire your NFT?

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Wine & Liquors

What is more tangible than grapes and a glass of wine ?
Therefore, why should a “chateau” issue an NFT?

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What is the blockchain?

In this video, we explained why we talk about trustworthy technology when it comes to blockchain. In simple terms, our founder explains how it works. 

This video is in French. 

What is a DAO?

DAO is the acronym of Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. It’s a new type of organisation that enables projects in crypto and NFT to structure themselves and involve their community in their development and their decision making process. It gives credibility and legitimacy. 

What is DeFi?

In a decentralised environment, transactions are executed between peers thanks to the blockchain as opposed to a centralised environment that always required a trustworthy third party  intermediary (banks, lawyer, notary…)

What are cryptocurrencies ?

You might just have heard of Bitcoin or maybe Ethereum but there are many more crypto-currencies. 
How were they created? What are their values? How are they issued on the market? Is it safe?

This video is in French

The NFT power

This quote reflects what NFTs can enable in the art world. It allows  an artist to share his creation, or to get funded. Indeed, the technology behind NFT, works  in other environments.

What is smart contract?

A smart contract is a piece of code that will be executed automatically “if and when” all the required conditions are met. In a decentralised environment it replaces the third party.