UbranDiFy aims to bring
Fintech solutions into
people’s everyday life

We are connecting the dots between fintechs, social influencers and users. We create a digital ecosystem that enables a flawless and shareable experience that converts  users into  adopters of your fintech solution.

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Digital Ecosystem

Our ultimate goal is a wide adoption of your fintech solution. We provide a safe and educational ecosystem, which qualified influencers will promote to their audience and where users can find all the information and support they need. We want users to happily pursue their journey to become adopters.

Social Influencers 

Working with social influencers allows you to gain access to a large community of users. We empower influencers with the knowledge and resources to leverage their community and reach to spur the adoption of your fintech solution. We match you with the right influencers to reach your objective.


We ensure that all the communication towards users and influencers are in compliance with the applicable regulatory frameworks.

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We aim to make sure that the communication across all media platforms and social media outlets are aligned to reinforce your branding strategy. We want to create a sense of belonging to your brand image and can also develop a merchandising collection.

Customer Support

We set up a team of qualified and trained customer support professionals to guide users into their journey to adopt your solution and to ensure that the essence of your service is well transmitted.

Educative Content

We are experts in producing educational content that will perfectly fit into each media platform in order to support your brand strategy and reach your adoption and usability objectives. 


Users want to have a frictionless experience when they try a new product or service. It has to be easy to access, easy to use and easy to understand. We transform users into adopters of your fintech solution by providing a clear branding strategy as well as customized social influencer promotion that is focused on enhancing the user experience.