About Us

A great idea without user adoption remains that,  just an idea. That’s where UbranDiFy comes in.


Fintech solutions are usually too complex and technical for users to understand, and also frequently presented in a way that seems too good to be true -  all barriers for users to try it. That’s where UbranDiFy comes in - we connect fintech solutions and  social influencer reach to ensure wide user adoption.


UbranDiFy connects the dots between fintechs, social influencers and users. We transform users into adopters of your solution by creating a frictionless user experience for them. This will result in wider and faster market penetration for your fintech solution.


We provide step by step guidelines for users to get access to, understand and use your fintech solution. This starts with reach. We empower selected social influencers to leverage their community to reach the right users. We then develop a customized knowledge bank that is shareable across your social media, specific to the industry but also more general ones, all depending on the objectives.